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Worst Movie Scenes of All Time: Episode 4

Category: Film & Animation, Duration: 1:42, 313876 Views. Source: YouTube, Published by Chuck Dowling on 2007-04-23T14:31:42.000Z Episode 4. To see more episodes in this series, click on my channel name "watercooler". Three clips in this one. The first is from a movie called Bound and Gagged: A Love Story. I love scenes where someone, determined to get somewhere fast, has to push people out of their way to get there. This one adds a little extra something to the formula. The second is from a movie called Bad Love. In it, Tom Sizemore is a gas station attendant who plays by his own rules! I actually don't hate this clip. It amuses me. But the movie it's in is one of the worst ever made. The final clip is from the Eric Roberts movie Freefall. Now the final line of any movie is like putting a period on a sentence. You have to end strong. In this film, the writer obviously wanted us totally confused.